9 Things That Successful Artists Are Doing On Instagram: Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram is a soaring platform where artists from each and every corner of the world showcase their talent and skills. With a wide range of creative ideas and designs, they portray their artworks as images or videos on Instagram.

Despite there being about 500 million active users every day, many artists are gaining excellent visibility and reach! Want to know what unique they are doing? Let’s dig into their secrets.

1. Keeping It Real And Unique

Well, let’s face it, people will only like the visuals and artworks that are original. Your post must have a real tone that draws people in. Also, the users out there are always on the lookout for “out of the box” ideas - enabling you to come out of the comfort zone.

2. Keeping Their Feed Uniform 

Rather than posting random images, try bringing uniformity to your Instagram feed. If you go to an artist’s Instagram feed, you most probably scroll down for more if it is in a proper format. Your feed should tell a tale to win that “follow” instead of just a “like”. To do this, plan your posts in advance so that you know how the images will look in your feed.

Tips: Use one background to click pictures of your artwork/ product. Click more zoomed-in pictures.


3. Engaging With Audience

Have you seen those successful artists interacting with their followers every time you viewed their posts? That is a way to show that you care about your audience and are open to receive their feedback. Don’t be shy to engage with them in stories, and respond to comments and DM’s in a timely manner. It will add a personalized touch and bring you into the spotlight!

4. Relevant Hashtags

You may have seen that successful artists use a set of hashtags by the end of their caption. Instagram algorithm works wonders in making your posts reach to a wider audience. The key is to find out the most suitable hashtags for your post and use them. You can use 28-30 hashtags in your captions or in the comment box. This way, your posts can be visible in the hashtags search easily. You can read what hashtags mistakes to avoid in this article.

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5. Giveaways

You may have often seen artists giving away their products and services for free. This helps a lot when you are trying to build or grow your brand on Instagram. It’s a way of gifting a small bunch of your cool stuff and letting users get a feel of your products or artworks!

6. Adding Value 

Successful artists add value to a user’s life. Simply start by trying to bring inspiration, hope or just a smile to someone’s face through your posts. You will notice that people can’t wait to see more valuable posts from you!

7. They Are Consistent

Now let’s say you have everything that we discussed in the above points. Does that mean you are all set? You might be, however; your story now depends on how consistent you are with your posts. Choose specific days and timelines for posting during the week. Have a schedule in place so that you know when you have to post next. This will save your time and also keep you motivated to create more posts for the people who love them!

8. Being Trendy And Ignoring Haters

Let’s face it! You will have haters among the crowd! But when you know that your Instagram content matches all the above mentioned points, you have got nothing to worry about. Simply go with the trend and ignore haters by focusing on your skill development.

9. Collaborate

Last but not the least, collaborations are another way of showcasing your talent out there. Successful artists collaborate with one another and share this amazing platform to support and grow together. Why not try it out now? You may find your first collaborator!

Read about 9 killer ideas about collaboration in this blog.

9 Killer Collaboration Ideas For Creators On Instagram

Now that you are aware of all the ingredients of being a successful artist on Instagram, get going! You can come back at this blog and hit the heart icon below, if you found it helpful.

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