9 Things That Successful Artists Are Doing On Instagram: Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram is a soaring platform where artists from each and every corner of the world showcase their talent and skills. With a wide range of creative ideas and designs, they portray their artworks as images or videos on Instagram.

Despite there being about 500 million active users every day, many artists are gaining excellent visibility and reach! Want to know what unique they are doing? Let’s dig into their secrets.

1. Keeping It Real And Unique

Well, let’s face it, people will only like the visuals and artworks that are original. Your post must have a real tone that draws people in. Also, the users out there are always on the lookout for “out of the box” ideas - enabling you to come out of the comfort zone.

2. Keeping Their Feed Uniform 

Rather than posting random images, try bringing uniformity to your Instagram feed. If you go to an artist’s Instagram feed, you most probably scroll down for more if it is in a proper format. Your feed should tell a tale to win that “follow” instead of just a “like”. To do this, plan your posts in advance so that you know how the images will look in your feed.

Tips: Use one background to click pictures of your artwork/ product. Click more zoomed-in pictures.