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9 Killer Collaboration Ideas For Creators On Instagram- How To Collaborate As An Artist.

In our article for collaboration, we talked about how creators collaborating with each other on Instagram can be a powerful marketing strategy and the best ways to collaborate with your fellow creators on Instagram.

Yipee..Let’s get started!

What is Collaboration? Why should one Collaborate?

Collaboration is when a user teams up with another user, to promote and increase his/her followers and reach. Collaborating with people from the same niche, builds a trust with your target audience, support your content strategy, and last but not the least builds a strong bond with your fellow collaborator.

Now let’s dive into the topic of the day!

1. Make artworks based on certain theme

The most popular idea among creators is to make artworks based on a certain theme. All you need to do is, discuss and come up with a innovative theme with your partner. Then create your theme based master piece. Finally, in your caption don’t forget to encourage your partner.

This idea strongly recommended if you’re a beginner for collaborations. It’s usually a very effective way of ensuring audience crossover.

2. Do Loop Giveaway

A loop giveaway is usually a giveaway with at least two hosts in a team. Here, the entrants are given with certain rules which includes following of all the hosts in the loop, tagging other creators who might be interested in the giveaway, sharing their giveaway poster and tagging all the hosts in their Instagram story, etc.

Doing loop giveaways can really boost your follower count, only when the prizes are worth for the entry!

3. Conduct Art contests

This is a trending thought which is prevailing in the mind of many artists. Not just that, many beginners are in search of platform to showcase their talent. Hence, this would be a boon to them.

4. Conduct Workshops together

Are you both interested in teaching and at same time earn through it? Then, conducting workshops together best suits you. Decide the topics which you excel and don’t forget to create your checklist for the event!

Here are some basic points which your checklist should contain:

  • Materials needed

  • Workshop size? ( usually 3-5 people per session)

  • Platform ? ( Recommended- Gmeet)

  • Duration of workshop?

If you are a beginner to conduct workshops, there are platforms on Instagram, which conducts workshops (for example, Craftsutra, TAGTheArtistGroup, etc). All you need to do is reach out them with necessary details and you are good to go! As simple as it is.

5. Go live together

Similar to above idea, you can go live with partner to teach something you both ace! This idea tends bring lots of new spectators into picture. If they like your content, naturally they tap the follow button!

6. Do Challenge posts

This is always a great idea. Challenge posts always spread quickly than the usual one. This attracts people who like to take the challenge and pass it on to next person. Create a new hashtag for the challenge. Take the challenge and post the needful linking your partner’s handle.

If the challenge is more interesting, horde of people would come to see your challenge. Who knows? They may even start doing it.

7. Take over each other’s page

This idea is to swap the control of each other’s account, where you two can provide new interactions and new flavors of posting to both of your followings, all without them lifting a finger. This is effective, only when you lead it properly and remain entertaining.

It is advisable to not to do this for long period. Take your time between minimum of a day to maximum of a week.

8. Make a video together

Choose a genre and make the genre based video together. This video can be posted in either of your accounts. This way, people get to know either of you more elaborately.

Another idea is make a video consisting of your best works and post it. What else be the best asset than this?

Create Art contest or featuring page

As mentioned before, there are many beginners who need their artwork to be recognized. All they need is a platform which showcases their artwork to the world. So, why should you not create a page to feature them in your account or conduct art contests regularly?

The common mantra of all the featuring pages is to follow the admins and tag their handle.

And that’s a wrap!

If you find this article useful, don’t forget to thank us later!

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