5 Hashtag Mistakes That Every Artist Should Avoid On Instagram: Instagram Hacks For Artists

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Instagram has proved to be a great tool for showcasing your talent as an artist. It gives you a great platform to show your art pieces and also gain awesome and fruitful work opportunities. Being an artist you just can’t ask for anything else than a great platform to self-publish your art piece and establish yourself as an expert.

Now, you must be thinking that you want to use this platform to grow your brand and make a space for yourself in this big world of creative artists. You even might have started doing it.

You have listened to all the online digital and Instagram gurus and implemented their tips to your profile and posts.

You might have posted regularly and even used other tools and aspects of Instagram like location, stories, doing giveaways and posting at proper timing and using hashtags.

But still, you haven’t seen any growth in your following or your engagement.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is wrong with this?

You even used the hashtags for more reach, but that didn’t work for.

Don’t worry. I am here to help you with this. You might have used the hashtags, but are they the hashtags that are actually going to give you the outcome you crave? That’s the question to be focused on. You might be making some mistakes that are leading to this problem.

Here’s a list of 5 basic hashtag mistakes that you should avoid as an artist on Instagram.

1. Using the same hashtags again and again.

It might have happened that one of your hashtags or a group of them performed really well on one of your posts and hence you started using the same group of hashtags for all your posts.

This will NOT be helpful as using the same hashtags again and again portrays your post as a SPAM to the Instagram algorithm and hence it will not show your post to your followers and won’t even give you more reach.

What to do? It is important to have 3-5 sets of different hashtags and never use the same set for 3 consecutive posts. This will help you in the long run to increase your reach. Also, it saves your time!

2. Not using all 30 hashtags

Now, Instagram allows using maximum 30 hashtags in one post. Hashtags are used to boost your reach and increase your visibility in the long run. Instagram never say that you should not use 30 hashtags.

If it’s such an awesome tool that can organically increase your reach, then why not make complete use of this?

I know that hashtags don’t give you instant results but they are a great tool to rank yourself in Instagram searches in the long run.

What to do? Hence, if you are here for the long game then make sure that you use all the 30 hashtags in the best way possible.

3. Using Banned Hashtags

There are a bunch of hashtags that are banned by the Instagram because some people reported inappropriate and offensive content under those hashtags. Example: #hustlers, #pushups, #masters, #models, etc. all are banned hashtags. Surprised?

As Instagram has banned these hashtags, usage of any of those hashtags in your posts will be reported to Instagram and your post won’t be shown not just to more people, but also to your existing followers, who are already engaging with your content.

What to do? So make sure that you do your research well in advance and make sure that you are not using hashtags that are banned by Instagram. A simple Google search will give you a list of banned hashtags and save you the disappointment of getting low reach.

4. Using hashtags without writing captions

Many people make this mistake of just using hashtags in their captions without writing anything

People don’t just interact with your post but they also interact with your captions. They prefer to read the caption for more information about the art that you have created or even to know the story or the technique behind that art piece. Captions are a great way to interact with your audience as well as keep them hooked to your content for longer time as that proves beneficial for your engagement.

So, don’t just use hashtags in the caption section without writing an interactive and informative caption for your audience.

5. Using extremely popular hashtags.

Are you using popular hashtags like #artist, #creative, etc. with more than 50m posts?

The basic purpose of using hashtags is to get more reach and rank in hashtag searches. It helps to increase your visibility to your audience as well as attract your target audience to your post and profile.

So, what good is it going to serve you if you use hashtags that already have more than 2 million posts or 10 million posts under it? There are already so many posts under that hashtag that there is no chance of your post getting ranked in the top 9 posts.

What to do? So, it is really important to use hashtags that have average amount of posts under them and are also high performing hashtags so that, there is a chance of your post getting ranked and attracting more people to your content.

These are some of the basic hashtag mistakes that are hindering your growth as an artist on Instagram. By paying attention to these small changes and doing your hashtag research well can help you build a great community and increase your visibility online. Implement these tips on your hashtag strategy and see the difference in your statistics.

You have put in so much of efforts while creating those art pieces. So don’t let these small algorithm issues ruin your reach and engagement on social media. Choose your hashtags well and see the difference it creates.

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