5 Apps that Every Artist Must Have- Instagram Growth Hacks

Social media has become a place where every one of us can build a portfolio that can reach a lot number of people. And if you are someone who loves to keep their point out in the public, or someone who procures enough talent that should reach to other people, then my friend stay tuned with us to learn about applications that help and grow an artist.

Come, let us dive in-

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo-editing application that helps you edit your artworks, products pictures in the best way possible. This app alone helps you heal, brush, structure your images including the other 29 tools along with various filters.

Developed by Google, Snapseed supports both iOS and Android. So, download it today and get started with picture editing, right away.

2. Canva

Canva can be named as an application that can make you a graphic designer, once you get the hang of it. Yes, you read that right!

Use this app to design your workshop poster, story templates, Instagram posts, thumbnails and a lot more. This app is like a goldmine for me!

I design all of my Instagram posts & stories using this app.

This application works best on your desktop or laptop and is perfectly suitable for iOS and Androids as well. This application alone can help you make posts for almost every possible social media platform. Loaded with 1000’s of predesigned templates, Canva is a gem for all those artists who can’t afford a good graphic designer for their ads, campaigns, and stuff. And this is one of my favorite application too.

3. PicsArt

Picsart is another application that’s favorite of fashion and beauty bloggers especially. Why? Well, the most popular feature of this application is the background change.

Not that bad! Isn't? Hehe

Due to COVID19 none of us can go out as freely as we used to do earlier. But this function by Picsart helps you add a background in few taps that too like a pro.

Picsart helps you get all those magazine-worthy pictures, straight from your home. And the cherry on the cake is that Picsart is compatible with not only iOS and Android phones, but also with Windows. Yayyyiieeee!

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is one such application that helps you promote your virtual work to millions of like-minded people.

This application helps in uploading pictures, GIFs, and small videos, and build a community of those who look forward to your work. You can also promote your blogs like 5 hashtag mistakes every artist should avoid, mandala designs, love quotes, etc. This application is a must for an artist who looks forward to promoting his/her business, blogs, etc. and to get some work inspiration.

5. InShot

InShot is an application that focuses on video editing on your phone, like a pro. This application when installed in your mobile device, can help you edit a video attractively. With the use of InShot, you can add music, filters, transitions, voice-overs, glitches, and a lot of other things to make your video pleasing. This application can be your one-step goal if you look forward to making 5-minute tutorials or someone who is at the initial stage of vlogging. All these applications are quite helpful for artists. But of course, more such applications can help you make your work easy-peasy.

Always make sure that not everything works for everyone, just like not everyone has the same taste in food. So, give yourself enough time to hit and try various applications and use them to the best.

Until then, try these out, and don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback on this blog. Keep creating!

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