11 REEL Content Ideas For Creators To Post On Instagram: Entice Your Followers

Reels are enticing. Everyone is making reels on Instagram, but you are confused.

"I have no idea. But I want to make reels.

I want to entertain my audience.

I want to show them quirky and fun content.

But how can I do it all?"

Are you also someone who is out of content ideas to post on Instagram Reels? 

If this is you, we have got you covered with twinkling 1o mind blowing, and easy ideas that you can use to post on reels next time.

So, let's get started!

10 Super Easy Content Ideas To Post On Reels Next Time

1. Quick Tutorial

Grab the eyeballs of your audience with quick tutorials. Record the tutorials and your content creating process. 

These quick tutorials can be a simple process of making artwork, a new recipe, a fashion tutorial, and more depending upon your niche.

2. Satisfying Videos

Create satisfying videos. People enjoy watching relaxing videos on Instagram.  

You can create videos of your artwork with soft, light, and mindful background music to make your reels more satisfying.

3. Share Quick Tips

Share quick tips with your audience. Not everyone loves to sit back and watch long IGTV videos and live sessions. What you can do to keep your audience engaged is to create quick bite-size tips. 

You can post quick tips to level up your photography or flat lay, quick tips to make your calligraphy ink at home, quick tips to make your DIY tripod stand.

Think of your niche and audience. You have to analyze what your audience wants to learn and what were the tips you would have liked to know.

And voila, you have new content for IG Reels.

4. Do's and Don'ts

Post do's and don'ts. Your audience is looking for knowledge and information. Sharing your expertise in the do's and don'ts format is a quick guide for your audience to understand what they are doing wrong.

If you are a content writer, share do's and don'ts of writing. If you are a freelancer, share the dos and don'ts of freelancing. What's the right way to do and what's not. You need to pick up your niche and identify it.

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5. Before and After Pictures

Before and after pictures work like a charm. These pictures show the change and the progress you have made.

If you are an artist, share pictures of your art before and after mastering the skill. If you are a photographer, share photos before editing and after editing.

6. Share your workplace/studio Pictures

You don't always have to be a working person in front of your audience. Share your personal space or studio pictures with your audience. People love to see these space pictures and feel connected. 

Make an IG reel of your workspace or studio pictures focusing on the main details of your studio. 

7. Tips and Tricks

Share helpful tips and tricks with your audience. These tips can be related to your working process or the skill you want to teach your audience.

For example, you can make a reel on tips to managing your day efficiently or tips to bake without an oven. 

8. Slideshow of your artwork

Create a quick reel showcasing different artworks of yours. People love to see variety, and reels are a great way to quickly showcase this variety to your audience. 

For example, show your artwork from sketchbooks and journals, flipping the pages in the reels. 

9. Behind the scene

People love to see the processes, and even more than that, they love to see the scenes behind those processes. These videos keep your audience engaged and tells them the efforts you are putting in creating the product.

Share videos of what goes behind making artwork or a product that you are selling. 

10. Show your fun side

Stories are the best way to connect with people. If you are a content creator, it becomes more vital to share your authentic self with people. 

11. Introduce Yourself

I know, for many of you guys, it may be hard to talk on camera but talking in a reel is optional here.

All you need to do is look at the camera with a smiling face.

You can add text using any editing app.

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Now, here are the few things you should make sure to have in your first intro reel video: Your name, What you do? Your interests? Your Niche?, Facts about you, and add call to action

(Follow me for more such tips, Follow me for more calligraphy videos, checkout my free workshop, link in bio, checkout my profile, etc.)

Share your fun side with them, your personal stories, experiences, success story, and even your failure story. Show your real self to your audience, and they will connect with you and your content on a greater level.

Voila, you have so many content ideas for reels now. So why wait? Just go and make your super quick reels now!

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