10 Reasons Why You're Losing Followers On Instagram- Avoid These Mistakes If You're An Artist

Instagram is like Rajma Chawal, you cannot have enough of it ever. We all are guilty of scrolling endlessly, trying to learn from it, wish to do certain things, all the DIY saves and eventually build ourselves up. This place can do wonders if you know how to use it wisely and according to your terms.

  If you are a writer, you can showcase your feelings wrapped in words and grow an audience. If you’re an artist, show them your work and get them going for learning from you.

If you’ve a small business, this platform is the perfect place to start expanding it.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. That smiling face turns bleh when you realize that even when you’ve been on Instagram since long, either you haven’t gained enough followers or you’re struggling to keep the number constant.

Agree or not generally its going downhill because I’ve been there, seen that.

What if I tell you that I can help you at least with the reasons on why you’re not being able to hold onto your lovely audience?  So, without further delay, dive in and learn the reasons you’re losing followers on Instagram.

1. You Are Not Consistent

You know how they say, consistency is the key! That applies on Instagram too. If you’re not being consistent, you’re followers will start losing their interest and we all know what happens next.

2. You Are Sharing Mix Match Content

I know how we all love to try different things and why not, it’s good too. But certainly not a big hit when we are focusing on growing the audience. When you mix and match content and it’s not related to your niche, people tend to avoid the page. Stick to a niche & become master in it.

3. Follow – Unfollow – No No

How much we love when that notification of someone following you arrives!! But the happiness is short lived when people ask a Follow back and when you do, they unfollow. This dirty game of follow unfollow harms not just your number but also the visibility of your feed, so try to avoid that.

4. You're Spamming DMs

Please don’t do it. For a hundred times, Do Not Spam DMs randomly. Remember how annoyed you feel when people spam your inbox, exactly the same others feel and genuinely, that irritation shows in the decline of your audience. Big NO.

5. Too Much is NOT too good

Do you love documenting your life? That’s great but unnecessarily sharing things which aren’t related to your field, tend to not go well with your followers. They are looking for certain aspects, don’t provide too much. Example: Sharing too much of controversial topics which is not related to your niche.

6. You are not responding to DMs & Comments

Certainly not when it comes to you not replying to comments, ignoring the requests and not bothering about the DMs. This builds a negative, egocentric image of yours which we obviously don’t want to promote, right? Well, you know what to do!

7. You are not interacting with your community

Yes, being shy is okay but being just a shadow is not. It’s very very important for you to build that connection with your audience. Don’t make them feel, they’re following just a username. Show them your face, tell them about yourself, what are your plans, what you wish to do. Treat them as real people and let them trust you. 

8. Don’t Compromise with Quality

If you feel you’re doing everything possible and still it isn’t helping you, the problem lies probably in the quality. Maybe the images aren’t visually pleasing, maybe the lighting is dim, maybe you didn’t write the caption, maybe you didn’t bother editing even the slightest bit. Try to improve the quality of your individual post and see the enhancement in your feed and the numbers!

9. Too Many Posts – But WHY?

It’s really great to see that you’ve so much content but it’s important to time the post. If you’re spamming Instagram with continuous posts (4-5 per day), I think you’re pushing your followers away. Be patient, be consistent, post everyday but too much is not easy to digest.

10. Be (YOU)nique. Don't be a copy cat.

Instagram has so much variety in the form of pages, professions, artists, writers and what not. So it’s very important to try and keep yourself different (in a good way obviously). Just ask yourself this question, what is it that I can offer to people that nobody else is. It can be any simple thing that makes you stand out and voila you’ve recipe of attracting people to your feed!

Also Read: 5 Hashtag Mistakes That Every Artist Should Avoid On Instagram: Instagram Hacks For Artists So, now when you see your audience drifting apart, you know you have to check the above pointers.  It’s easy to get things through wrong ways but if you want to have a long lasting family of followers, you need to start applying the changes today and see the results!!!

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